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Partition Assistant Pro: Please ALWAYS allow user to change partition type code!

edited December 2014 in Suggestions and Feedbacks

Regarding the context menu "Advanced -> Change Partition Type ID", this option is almost always grayed out, making it unavailable and thus totally useless to me!

I very much need to be able to change ANY partition's type ID code under ANY circumstances, not just when Partition Assistant Pro thinks I should be able to.

This is very important to me. Can this be changed, please?



  • Amby,

    What kind of partitions are you trying to change the ID for?

    How it works

  • Some unusual type codes, including 0x09, 0x27, 0x74, 0x84, 0xab, etc. For whatever reason, these partition type ID codes get clobbered occasionally, usually only on GPT disks and usually with 0x07 (NTFS). I very much NEED to change whatever type ID code is set to another value!

    My proposal is simply to always allow the user to change the type code.  If you want to give a warning, that's fine with me.  But always allow me to change it.


  • Amby,

    GPT does not have a partition ID code.  This is why it's not available on GPT style disks.  The link I posted last time under "How it works" explains this.

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