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Partition Assistant Pro: Please copy volume label along with the volume itself!

edited December 2014 in Suggestions and Feedbacks

I am very fond of Partition Assistant Pro v5.x, except for one very annoying
feature: When you copy/clone a partition, the volume/partition label is
NOT copied along with it!  Instead, it just says a generic "Copy" with
the drive letter.

I strongly dislike this, since after
the partition copy I don't always remember what the original volume
label is!  Even when I do, I am forced to go and change the volume label
from a useless "Copy of x" to the correct volume label.

All the other partition copy tools copy the volume label as well. Please change Partition Assistant Pro to do the same.



  • ususlly, the new volume label will be "Copy of X" after you use "Copy Partition" . it will inform you their difference between orignal volume and destination volume. the volume label can't be same among basic disk, after all. Therefore, you have to change the volume label by manual operation

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