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Backup email notification for 'interaction required' need to detail files causing the issue

Current situation

The AOMEI Backup software can be configured to automatically send an email notification(s) at the end of any backup task; whether successful, failed or some user Interaction is required.

When you receive a notification email that 'Interaction is required' for a task the email does not detail what file or files(s) are causing the problem and need to be skipped or excluded. Since the files are not recorded in the log either (see previous enhancement request) this means that there is now way whatsoever to know which files were causing a problem.

If the backup is being run automatically during the day then, if you receive the notification soon enough, you can re-run the backup task manually to try and reproduce the issue then manually copy down what files are causing an issue but if, like most companies, the backup takes place overnight then when you try and reproduce during the day the conditions will completely different and so any results can't be relied upon.

Required enhancement

The notification email needs to list:
  1. All files that are causing interaction to be requested
  2. The absolute (full) path of each file
  3. Any other details for each file e.g. what the suggested issue is.
It is standard company practice to run backups overnight / out-of-hours and when users are not excepted to be using files and therefore potentially locking them. If there is an issue with accessing any files the email needs to clearly document what files and when.

At present, for example, I have one backup which every day reports it needs interaction - that runs at 2am - so I have no idea what the issue is and it doesn't occur during working hours, if I run manually, so I can't reproduce.

Since when you run the backup manually, if any files cause an issue, a window opens that lists all the problem files this information is already know to the software. This enhancement should therefore be fairly straightforward to implement.

Secondly when you manually run and the interaction window opens although any problem files are listed there is no way to export the list - meaning you have to manually copy the file paths to Notepad (or similar program). There needs to be an 'Export' button on this dialog. Even copying paths to the clipboard would be useful.

These enhancements are greatly needed asap. 


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