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Pre/Post command backupper does not work


Backupper fails to backup my data for 3 reasons::
- Backup to a remote NAS does not work, if the NAS is not online (yet), it wont even start the pre-command.
- Another program is using the HDD, so I get error 33 during backups, so that service needs to be closed before backup starts.
- My desktop is going to hybernate/sleep during backup, and needs to be up until backup is finished.

To solve these points, I have 1 pre-command and 1 post-command batch file.
The batch-files do their job if I double click them from within Windows 10,
They do also work (succeeded) if I add them as pre/post command within Backupper and push the "TEST" button. See the attached picture.

But they don't even start when a scheduled task is supposed to run, or if I push the button "backup by schedule"/run icon at the task. Then I simply get an SMS from AOMEI: "backup failed, greetings!".

Not only starting the pre-/post command batch-files is an issue so it seems, but the backup also fails if the target (my NAS) is not online yet (sure, the pre-command didn't even run yet).

So how can these problems be solved?


  • @FrankVeZ
    1. "Backup to a remote NAS does not work, if the NAS is not online (yet), it wont even start the pre-command."----When the backup starts, it will first initialize the task to check source and destination. After initializing, it will perform the pre-command, then start backup process. So, it will first check the target NAS is valid, and then call the pre-command.
    2. What program is using the HDD? We will test is further.
    3. "My desktop is going to hybernate/sleep during backup, and needs to be up until backup is finished."---You can enable "Wake the computer to run scheduled tasks" under schedule settings.
    Generally, when the backup process is running, it will prevent the computer hibernating/sleeping. Are you using a laptop? Could you take a screenshot of the Power Settings on your computer? Did you enable “power save mode”?
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    Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it.
    1- So the "pre" is not really "pre" :open_mouth:
    It would be more logical to have "pre" really at the start of the whole backup proces.

    2- It is the ATI for WD non-stop backup. That conflicts with AOMEI regular/scheduled backup..

    3- No it is for my desktop, not laptop. Since the desktop uses too much energy (all together about 500W - a backup incl verification takes 1,5-2 days) I dont use it only when needed.
    So that is why I dont want to turn it on automatically every time. If there is a slight problem the desktop is on for days until someone in the house just noticed it. Also for the NAS (as backup on a remote location).
    Powersave mode is enabled for both. But sometimes during backup it still interrupted because Desktop is hybernating or sleep mode.

    So is there a way to make "pre-"command a true "pre-"command?
    Or maybe run it within Windows taskscheduler with a pre-command from windows? In that case, how can I start a specific job from with task scheduler, e.g.
    • Job a: backup and verify Data on/to my NAS,
    • job b: backup and verify Video on/to my NAS
    ......without a POSTcommand "shutdown NAS" from "job a" if "job b" is still running causing job B to fail?

  • I think I never received an answer, and in the mean time the backups fail of I do have to leave alle devices 24/7/365 spill energy (a regular backup is scheduled once a month). Is there a way for a real pre-command, so my NAS will wake up just before the scheduled backup is performed?
  • If you don't receive an answer on this forum, you could post your question on Stackexchange, there are many senior IT managers there.

  • @FrankVeZ, Did you mean that the backup destination NAS failed to be waked up, then caused schedule backup failed? What pre-command did you use to wake up NAS?
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