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Wish I never had paid

OK, I always used aomei to backup to a ssd, but i thought it would be safer to use its cloud.
So I sign up for the yearly plan 1TB
Had sooo many problem trying to sign in etc but the support team (Joey) was patient with my many emails.
Imagine my shock, na horror!!! when Im told aomie CANT back up my entire PC to the cloud.
Im told I have to upload individual folders...geez thats goona take me days if not weeks (I work for a living so spare time is only at night)
Also, Im told there is no-way i can physically see whats been backed up, like i might have back up a folder many times, and its not like windows who say "You already have this folder in your back, you want to overwrite it?"
What if i put all my folders on the desk top (for example) into just ONE FOLDER (name it back up for eg) then back up just the one folder?
I ask this because there is no-way I can access my cloud backups to see if that will work


  • A solution that uses Aomei products could be to use Backupper, create full disk backup image file .ADI, then backup your PC backup image file .ADI to your cloud.

    A solution with a product not by Aomei, is to find a cloud service with a lifetime fee.
  • @Witchypoo, AOMEI Cloud currently doesn't support being accessed and check backup files individually. You can use AOMEI Backupper to restore your backups from AOMEI Cloud when you need these data.
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