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Not enough space not true

I am testing Macrium and AOME side by side. Macrium isn't having any trouble using just normal compression, but AOME keeps saying there's not enough space on the same hard drive even with high compression enabled. I really wanted to buy AOME as it's a bit cheaper than Macrium right now. Does AOME perhaps have trouble with NVMe drives or something? I'm quite confused as to what is going on.


  • Madhouserevival, Did you create the same backup via Macrium and AOME? and save backup to the same location?
    What backup way did you use?
    Could you give us a detailed description of your test steps?
  • Thank you madhouse, I understand your comparison of Macrium and Backupper. Please attach several screenshots of your disks in these programs, and the space warning message.
    Im my personal experience with Backupper, it will sometimes overestimate how much space is required, and warn the user, but if you have carefully checked the space you estimate your backup will require, and you believe there is enough, you could accept that risk and proceed, and Backupper may complete it's backup at that location with enough space remaining.
  • Thanks, AiArtisan. There does not appear to be any option to proceed. I thought perhaps AOME Backupper did not have quite the level of compression that Macrium is able to apply. I used normal compression with Macrium (resulting in less than 600 MB backup size) vs high compression with Backupper. 

    Though there wasn't a lot of space remaining after making that Reflect backup, there was enough, so I thought it strange that AOME refused to go further with the same drive at an even higher level of compression. 

    -But check out the error below. I did just notice this error "Failed to enable backup service".  And that error makes me think that perhaps it may not even be related to the space available.

    But using a larger drive to backup to with Backupper, it did not produce the same error, but after half an hour of staying at zero percent progress, it produced this error:

  • @Madhouserevival, As for the error "Failed to enable backup service",
    1. please check if you install AOMEI Backupper to a path containing a semicolon (;). The installation path that contains a semicolon will lead to AOMEI Backupper Service startup failure, please reinstall AOMEI Backupper into a path without a semicolon.
    2. Please check if ABservice.exe is not running. You can manually start it in Windows Services: press Win+R, then run "services.msc" to open the Windows Services Manager. If the status of AOMEI Backupper Schedule Service is not running, please double click it, then manually click “Start” and make sure the startup type is "Automatic”.
    3. And, please also check if ABCore.exe is running under Windows Task Manager when you run the backup. If not, please find the ABCore.exe under the installation directory of AOMEI Backupper, right-click the ABCore.exe and run it as an administrator and retry.
    4. In addition, it is also recommended to add ABCore.exe to the whitelist of the anti-virus program on your computer.
    5. If you enable " Ransomware Protection" in Windows Defender, please add "AOMEI Backupper" as an allowed app , or close the Ransomware Protection.
  • I ended up buying Macrium as it wasn't causing me any trouble. But I do appreciate the support you have given me. ❤️️
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