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New iMAC // OLD Windows backup need to access to restore files to iMAC

I have an external SSD attached to my USB port on my new iMAC.  On the SSD I have a backup from my OLD Windows Dell PC that is now gone.  I want to access the AOMEI backup on the external SSD and open the backup files to copy some photos and files to my new iMAC.  

I thought I could setup a Windows bootable partition on the SSD, download AOMEI software run the program access the files i need and restore them to my new iMAC? 

Owen from AOMEI Support says it is not possible!

Is Owen correct?


  • @59Panman, Did you use AOMEI Backupper to create the backup before? If yes, you can explore the backup image file to virtual partitions, and then copy files you needed.
    As for exploring image, please refer to here: https://www.ubackup.com/help/explore-image.html
    But, if you use other tool to create the backup, our software can't open it.
  • Yes, I did use my AOMEI software to backup.  OK, now that I have the link, my SSD is formatted to ExFAT system.  I am reading that NTFS file system is better.  I don't want to change anything on my SSD.  I have over 300gb remaining on the 2TB drive.  If ExFAT system ok, then I will use the link and install Windows on the external SSD.  The SSD also has my AOMEI backup.
  • My iMAC has the "APPLE M1 chip", so I cannot use it for my older Windows 10 backup and must load Windows 11 which I thought is compatible with the M1 chip running Parallel software.  So, what I understand is I can use Parallel software and load that on my iMAC.  I did this using the Free 30 day trial for Parallel.  I was able to load Parallel on my iMAC and then it loaded Windows 11 which I have now on the iMAC.  I loaded AOMEI back onto my iMAC and when I open the AOMEI Program, I am not able to open up my backup from my SSD drive attached to my iMAC.  It cannot find it in the Windows environment under File Explore.  If I switch back to iMAC and go into Apple's Finder app, I can see the SSD drive where the backup file is located.  However the file is 355Gb and is too large to copy over to my iMAC drive which is only 250Gb and only 89Gb open space.  

    My thoughts on this is to create a bootable SSD drive with my new 1TB T5 SSD, partition it so I have around 500Gb to load Windows 11 and AOMEI Pro which I have the license for on that drive.  Would this work to be able to access the AOMEI backup file on the other 2TB T5 drive attached to my iMAC?  Then open the file and restore the photos and other software?  Or is there another program to bridge the software between the iMAC environment and the Windows environment?  Am I missing something in the AOMEI Backup/Restore features I can utilize?   
  • @59Panman, AOMEI Backupper currently supports Windows system only. If the drive can't be recognized by Windows system, our program also can't read it. Please check if Windows can list the drive.
    "My thoughts on this is to create a bootable SSD drive with my new 1TB T5 SSD"---What bootable system did you create? Sorry that we don't quite understand.
    In addition, you might be unable to restore applications to a new system to run. Generally, applications need to be run based on the original system.
    You can restore photo files.
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