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Backupper never fully backs up.

Backupper is a great product. Thank you Aomei team. If I create a backup of a MBR disk, and I restore that .ADI to a GPT disk, it will restore the volume data, but never restore the Partition Table/Scheme. Other Storage management software does backup & restore the Partition Table, for example Linux > Gnome Disks. Why does Backupper not provide this important service? Thank you Aomei.


  • @BrutalMoose2, What problem did you get when you do the restore? The restored system can't boot?
  • Thank you Admin. I have categorized this Post under the Aomei Suggestions and Feedback. I am not seeking technical support on this issue, I am asking for this feature to please be included on a future version of Aomei Backupper, thank you.
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