Backupper Live blue screens

When I first started out with Backupper, about a year ago, I had absolutely no problem using it not only installed on my desktop, but as a live CD (or USB) on other machines. But for the better part of a year now, I have had a 100% failure rate using it as a boot disk. It either will blue screen before it boots up, or having booted up it blue screens as soon as I try to browse for an image to restore from.

This just happened again. The BS reported 


page fault in a non-paged area

The Stop error was 50. Picture below.

I have gotten this on all kinds of hardware. I don't believe there is a hardware error every time this happens. This is not a good situation, because in some cases the alternative is to take the machine apart in order to access the hard drive.

This is my fourth attempt to get past the capcha...


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