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Unable to reinstall AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional

After suffering a hard drive failure I am trying to reinstall AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional on my desktop computer via the offline registration method. When I go to the AOMEI offline registration page at

and enter the registration code which I received by email when I purchased AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, as well as the Machine Code given by AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, instead of being given an offline key which can be used to register my software, I am given the message

Registration failed. The registration code has exceeded the maximum number of devices

Obviously this is rubbish, as I am trying to reinstall on the exact same computer as I originally installed AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional on when I bought it.

I have emailed [email protected] about this but my emails have been ignored and whatever block they have put on my registration code has not been lifted.

Are AOMEI a proper company or are they scammers?

If they are a proper company, does anyone have any ideas how I can register the software I have bought, given that it seems that they block the registration codes after their first use, making it impossible to reinstall on the same computer.


  • @Xpabl0b, We have replied to your email. If you don't receive it, please check the spam folder of your email.
    And, your license code is valid. Please try to register again.
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