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How to properly restore clean system

So I reinstalled windows from scratch and installed all my wanted applications. Now I made a system backup and also a full disk backup.
If I ever want to get back my clean installation without the necessity of downloading windows, install it and install all my drivers and apps, how would I use the backups? Can I just use the full disk backup and I am good to go or do I do a restore from the system ackup and then do a restore from disk backup? Do I still have to reinstall windows first or can I just tell AOMEI Backupper to restore the image(s)?

Thanks for the help in advance!


  • @Ultimate2106, you can directly restore the disk backup image. You can create a WinPE bootable media of AOMEI Backupper, and then boot the computer from WinPE media to do the restore.
  • Or alternatively, with SSDs now so cheap, buy another one the same size as the SSD or HD already in your computer, and make a clone of your new installation onto it. Also, use a USB connected portable hard drive to back up your user files once per day (which can conveniently be kept in a single folder with suitable sub-folders). Then, if you get a HD or SSD failure, just remove the failed disk, replace it with your cloned one, and then restore your files from the portable hard drive.
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