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AOMEI Backupper Professional - Sync folders issue

edited November 2022 in AOMEI Products Support
In general, I like  AOMEI Backupper Professional but there is an annoying issue regards folder selection for real Sync.

I want to sync for example the whole contents of C:/MyWork to backup folder E:/ so as I have C:/Mywork backup-ed in E:/Mywork, but AOMEI is creating a folder E:/Mywork/Mywork   

I opt for source as C:/Mywork and destination as E:/ but it still creates a 'double' folder. I suspect that maybe it is because E:/Mywork folder already existed before backup ?  - I think if this is the case an option to copy in or create a folder within should be asked 

How can  I avoid this please? 


  • @SMifsud, "I opt for source as C:/Mywork and destination as E:/ but it still creates a 'double' folder."---Did you mean that it created "Mywork(1)" under E: drive? Or, create E:/Mywork/Mywork again?
    Could you take screenshots so that we check?
    And, what sync way did you use?
  • I'm having the same issues, I just don't get it, something as simple as syncing data from one drive to another should be easy.   This is crazy!  I'm syncing/copying data from one drive to another. In this case I'm going from an external drive attached to my computer to a NAS server.  (see below)

    When I start the sync process a folder named "IMAGES" gets created on my target drive.  I don't want that to happen, the share target name is already IMAGES.  I don't need a secondary folder with the same name, I just want to Sync/Copy the data to that location.  I have files already in my target folder some with the same folder's name.  If they are older than overwrite them with the newer files.  What is so hard about that, I'm spending too much time on this one issue. 

    Please assist.

    Thank You!
  • @Mmincey, Currently, Sync feature will sync the whole source folder to target path. We will optimize the feature after. You can try to rename the target "Images"  to "IMAGES". And then, you can select "" as the target path, when there is a same name folder, it will not create a new one, so, it will sync files to the same name folder.
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