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Explore Image removed from Free version

I’m a long time home user of Aomei Backupper and after updating to the latest version it’s disappointing to see Explore Image is now only available in the Pro version.

Given it’s been in the free version for many years why has it been removed? It seems unnecessary.


  • I have the same complaint. I emailed support several months ago, after updating from 6.9.1 to 6.9.2.
    Here's their exact response:

    "We just check with the marketing development that the explore image has been a paid function after V6.9.2. Currently, the exact reason is not described.
    Currently, you can still use V6.9.1 if you do not need to pay to upgrade.
    If you would like to upgrade, we can offer you a 50% off discount."

    I backed off to 6.9.1 and am sticking with it.

  • Thanks for your reply. The problem with buying the pro version is I have three PCs so would require 3 licences. That’s expensive. You would have thought a licence would cover a few PCs, not just one.

    I only need that one feature so I’d be spending a lot for it. I can understand the more business-orientated features being chargeable but not Explore Image.

    Can I download 6.9.1 from anywhere?

    Aomei, please reconsider.  :)
  • I have a similar situation but more than 3. I had kept the 6.9.1 download so it was easy to back off.

    A Google search just now found this:

  • @CJ13760 , I'm indebted to you. :) 6.9.1 downloaded. is there any problem updating a newer version with an older one?
  • Just uninstall the newer one first.
  • You'll get a nag to update every time you use it - just say no.
  • It offered to uninstall v7 so I’m now back on 6.9.1 plus the nags.  :)

    Those I can live with. Thanks for your help! 
  • @admin, Your post says 6.1 but the link points to 6.9.1.
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