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Backupper Pro email notification failed for local delivery with plain-text auth

I have a Problem with the EMAIL notification in aomei backupper pro.
I  use the V 6.9.2 on a WIndows 10 pro OS.

I bought a lifetime license but I don't want to activate it until the new hard drives arrive.
I would like to avoid that the license becomes inactive due to hardware conversion.
I have also tested the new v7.0.0 standard but it has the same issue.

I use Hmail for my local Email delivery from my other devices and it works greatly.
But only the backupper makes trouble.
Hmail has the Version 5.6.8-B2574

I use "custom Server" and filled the necessary parameter.
I use Port 25 with "plain text" for authentication.

When I send a testmail i got an error from Backupper.
Sending testmesage failed.

I also see an error in hmail (look at bottom of the message).

Every other devices are functional only the backupper seems to have a problem.
I have testet it on two maschines with the same error.

When I checked the Logs with other connections i see some inconsistencies.
May be the chronological order seems mismatched or a command fault exists, whatever.

Does anyone have the same issues with local delivery and plain text auth?

Regards Chris

Here are a log of a connection from backupper to hmail:

TCPIP"    7000    "2022-10-13 21:52:26.507"    "TCP - connected to"
"DEBUG"    7000    "2022-10-13 21:52:26.508"    "TCP connection started for session 1336"
"SMTPD"    7000    1336    "2022-10-13 21:52:26.508"    ""    "SENT: 220 SMTP-TEST"
"SMTPD"    7000    1336    "2022-10-13 21:52:26.508"    ""    "RECEIVED: HELO"
"SMTPD"    7000    1336    "2022-10-13 21:52:26.509"    ""    "SENT: 250 Hello."
"SMTPD"    1824    1336    "2022-10-13 21:52:26.509"    ""    "RECEIVED: EHLO [email protected]"
"SMTPD"    1824    1336    "2022-10-13 21:52:26.510"    ""    "SENT: 250-Ryzen-AMD[nl]250-SIZE 20480000[nl]250-AUTH LOGIN PLAIN[nl]250 HELP"
"SMTPD"    1556    1336    "2022-10-13 21:52:26.510"    ""    "RECEIVED: AUTH LOGIN"
"SMTPD"    1556    1336    "2022-10-13 21:52:26.510"    ""    "SENT: 334 VXNlasdhbWU6"
"SMTPD"    1824    1336    "2022-10-13 21:52:26.511"    ""    "RECEIVED: MAIL FROM: <[email protected]>"
"SMTPD"    1824    1336    "2022-10-13 21:52:26.511"    ""    "SENT: 334 UGFzcrewcmQ6"
"DEBUG"    1824    "2022-10-13 21:52:26.511"    "The read operation failed. Bytes transferred: 0 Remote IP:, Session: 1336, Code: 2, Message: End of file"


  • @Combatlord, Did you mean Hotmail? or another custom email server?
    Could you take a screenshot of your setting under "custom Server"?
    And, please attach the log as files so that we check and analyze it.
    "I use Hmail for my local Email delivery from my other devices and it works greatly."----Did you mean that you configure the email on other software, which can work?
  • edited October 2022
    thank for reply.

    For explanation. "hMail" is an eMail-Server Software for WIndows.
    Have a look here: https://www.hmailserver.com/
    I use it for years to manage my local eMails only and it works with all the other devices i use.

    I checked the Backupper log and saw this here:
    [2022-10-19 04:26:17] [0       ]SmtpSendEmail.cpp(259): EmailFrom Failed.

    It seems the issue comes from the email-From.
    Hint: The Server is configured to accept empty From fields.

    Attached the needed Pictures/Logs.

    Regards Chris

  • Hello Admin,

    are this information i gave you enough to investigate the issue?

    Regards Chris

  • Another new info for you.

    I have configured my email server (hMail) to provide SSL/TLS connections.

    I then changed the Auth to SSL (465) and it works.
    I also checked TLS (587) and it works.
    But only Plain Text is not functional.

    Regards Chris
  • @Combatlord, It seems that the email server prevents sending mail in Plain Text.
  • Thanks for reply.

    I don't understand what you mean.
    "Plain text" is an authentication mode.
    As you can see i have no Auth error so that is not the issue.

    But when you have a look at the AOMEI -Log you will see this issue:
    SmtpSendEmail.cpp(259): EmailFrom Failed.

    Its not the password but rather it is a failure in the From Field when i have selected "plain text" as an authentication mechanism.

    Regards Chris
  • Hi Chris,
    did you already solve your problem in the meantime? I have a similar problem when trying to sent notification emails from the Backupper (Pro Edition 7.1.2 running on WIN 10 Pro). My first intention was sending the notification email to my regular mail account. But the "Test senden" aborts with the same message (I assume, you are also german-speaking). The same happens when I use the gmail server. It works only with the AOMEI server. But I don't like to use this server for some reasons. I had big discussions for more than 3 weeks with the AOMEI "support" via email. The tips and recommentations were so abstruse, that I terminate the communcation. I had the suspicion, I am speaking to a support robot or something like this. Now I try to find help in this forum. I found your post and the idea for using hmail for this purpose. I never heard it before. I installed and configured the hMailServer. I can send mails from a hmail account to another hmail account. But it doesn't work with the backupper. The Input of the backupper Notification Panel looks like yours, which works on your machine. It is probably something wrong in the settings of the hMailServer. I am not familiar with configuring mail server. It is running only in a home enviroment and only for sending notification mails from backupper. As I mentioned, originally I want to send to my standard mail adress.
    Do you have some ideas? The screenshots from backupper Notification Panel and hMail are attached below.
    I do not expect, that I will obtain some helpful assistance from this terrible and inkompetent AOMEI Support. Your last post is also without reply like many other requests for help in this forum.
    I think it's time to replace the AOMEI Backupper.
    Thank you in advance
    Regards Heinz

  • Hi Heinz,

    nope the Problem with "plain text" as an auth mechanism still exists.
    I have tested it with the actual Version 7.1.2.

    I t seem that this problem has a very low priority so i don't assume that this was ever will be fixed in the future.

    I guess they only forgot to set the from variable in this auth mechanism. A developer can fix this fix in 5minutes but it seems that they don't understand where the problem lies.
    At least the ssl version works.

    I will contact you per PM.
    Regards Chris
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