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Adding Drivers to Boot Disk; limitation on max drivers to add?

Using AEOMI 6.9.2 Boot Creation tool, if I do NOT add any drivers and just use WinPe, the system will Boot and Load AEOMI, but then AEOMI can only find the EFI partition of my SSD (first partition).  So I suspected that this might be a problem with drivers.

I have a brand new DELL INSPIRON 3910 running win11 64bit.  Factory SSD structure has 6 total partitions with EFI in Partition 1 and OS in Partition 2.  I have all the inf files pulled down from Dell but if I load more than 12 of them into the Boot Disk Maker tool and set it to produce an iso with WinPe mode, nothing gets created.  Is there a limitation on max number of *.inf files that can be added to the Boot Disk Prep tool?  Do you have any guidance on how I down-select from the 30 OEM Drivers that I know are installed based on Device Manager's screen when the PC is running in Windows mode?

It it's of any help, here's a possibly related fact.  I put in a fresh, initialized SSD in this system's motherboard and tried to install a fresh Win 11 from Win 11 setup disk and the Windows 11 setup reports it cannot find any drive (on the motherboard).  Since the system runs just fine with the Factory SSD, there must be some essential set of drivers needed even for Win11 setup to see the fresh SSD.  Possibly those same drivers added to the AEOMI Boot DIsk would solve my problem creating an AEOMI boot disk that will succeed in loading and finding the SSD.  Without that, AEOMI RESTORE would be of no use.  The system drive is NOT encrypted.


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