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VIP Center not working

With Aomei Backupper Professional, there is an icon on the top left to login to the VIP Center and this is


Log in to AOMEI Account

Please enter your email address
Please enter your password

I am using the cleverbridge reference number as my password and this worked a week ago many times before.  I get this now when I try to login:

An account with this email does not exist.

Any help on this please?


  • I took this to support and they said: Sorry for the inconvenience, there is a problem here, our development is being optimized.

    This looks like they had wiped out my account. When it said "An account with this e-mail does not exist", I created a new account and changed my password.  It all works now to login.

  • @Bill_C, We have fixed the problem. You can use your email address and cleverbridge reference number to login now.
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