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Lifetime Registration Fail on Backupper Pro ( Trial)

Dear Support,

Last Year i buy 2 Lifetime Licences (Partition Assistent and Backupper  Pro ) from Kinguin.net and it works like a Charm - no Problems since now.
No Mainboard & System was changed since i buy the Keys BUT i make a refresh from my Windows 11 which makes a reinstall of all Programs needful. Only the Key from Partition Assistent Pro is working so far.
The Backupper Key is Lifetime for 2 PC`s and it now tells me that the Registrations are maxed ? So why it is Lifetime then ??
I hope it can be back to work.
Regards, Kris

Attachment: Registration fails ( german)


  • @Kris, please contact the support team via email and offer your license code to check.
  • Ploblem was rapidly solved through the Support and the Product is registered again - Thank You @ the Admin and the Support.
    Best Regards
  • Just watch out.  I had the same problem, and evolution, but it has recurred every time there is an update to the program. Support had to reactivate my license code several times and it just happened again tonight.
  • @Fenixreign, Did you mean that you need to re-register when you upgrade AOMEO Software? Generally, when you update the software, you can retain the register information during uninstalling the old edition, so you don't need to register again on the new version.
  • @Admin, I have previously opened a ticket (# -215388) through your support group and as I have told them, it does not matter if I retain the previous Registration Information or re-enter my License Code to register after update/reinstall.  It does not matter if I update with the previous version currently installed or uninstall completely.  It doesn't matter if I manually go into the Windows Registry and clean out all references to your program, leave some in, or leave all of them in when installing the newest version.  If I try to install and Register my License Code (which I have had you folks reset for every update I have tried since version 9.5) without you folks resetting my code, which I have proven in the past is a Lifetime Code, I am told that my code is not good past version 9.5.


    In fact, I recently commented on that old ticket trying to reopen it because it is the exact same issue and opening a new ticket was less convenient.

  • @Fenixreign, Sorry for the inconvenience. Your license code is lifetime. We have changed and reset it. Please try to register again. And, you can download the latest version from here:
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