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Best way to backup system + programs?


I boot AOMIE from a USB SD card.  I just want to confirm that If I select "Disk Backup" from the menu, then select my system C drive,   it will backup the system and installed programs so that in the event of a disaster I will be able to restore the whole C drive from that backup. 

I assume selecting "System Backup"  backs up the Windows system only and nothing else on that drive?



  • @Andy1175, System backup will back up the whole system partitions. Disk Backup will back up all partitions on the disk, including system partitions and data partitions.
    If your all programs are installed on C: drive, you can do the system backup.
    But, if you also want to back up all partitions, including data partitions on the disk, please use disk backup.
  • OK got it.  Thanks very much.

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