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Documents folder to Google Drive fails code 4101

I just purchased Backupper Pro Ver. 6.9.2 and installed Google Drive App Ver. on my Windows 10 computer.  When I try to run a Backup Files of my Documents folder to my Google Drive it fails with Code 4101 "failed to create file".
Google Drive does not show under "select a cloud drive".  My Google Drive displays as drive G: in File Explorer and I am able to copy files to it using file explorer.  In Backupper, I did set my backup destination as: G:\My Drive\Backups_DT\

Has anyone managed to get this working?  I see it's been discussed many times.  But, I did not see any solutions...


  • @Tom_B, AOMEI Backupper only can back up to the local cloud folder. "My Google Drive displays as drive G: in File Explorer"----It doesn't create local cloud folder. So, AOMEI Backupper can't back up to here.
  • Thanks for confirming that Aomei Backupper does not create a cloud folder for Google Drive.  As stated, I think my local G: drive that is mapped to my Cloud Google Drive should be a valid output file destination as advertised in the Backupper feature list.
    I have opened a support ticket and sent screenshots and Log Files.  I will report findings to the forum when I hear back from the developer working on this issue. 
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