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Cloned HDD to SSD, wont boot macbook pro with bootcamp

Hi, i got an old mid 2012 macbook pro that has windows with bootcamp, its no longer using Osx but it runs fine windows but its slow thats why im upgrading to an SSD, im using Backgrupper with the System clone tool, and according to this the ssd is cloned ok, but everytime i try to boot, either from internal or external usb enclosure, it simply wont boot, i only get the "Repairing windows screen" i did try auto repair, and follow the bootrec option, but got access denied from the fixboot part, any other way i can check the ssd or make it boot?
Any helps is welcome


  • @Lightshadown, AOMEI Backupper currently doesn't support bootcamp.
  • so whats the solution? do i need to install any extra files or something? im lost on this one

  • is it posible to install bootcamp on a new fresh install, then restores everything from a backup using backrupper? in order to restore all my files and stuff?
  • @Lightshadown, You can back up and restore your personal data to the new system. But, please note that applications can't be restored individually to the new system to run.
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