Some missing options in Backupper

1st at all: It's really a gret product ... easy to use, fast in execution.

But some features are missing nearly all other products have (f.e. EaseUS, Acronis).

1. an option to enter credentials for the scheduled tasks

2. an option like "task before backup" and "task after backup" (f.e. to call a batch file to stop an SQL-Server and move old backups to a specified folder)

3. newly created tasks cannot be edited if they're not started once ... strange ...

4. name of the task and name of backup file are equal ... that's ok, but then we need an option to change the name of the destination folder. Currently it's needed to delete the task and re-create it

5. would be nice to open a backup by double-clicking it in explorer. Would be easier to restore a single file from a backup without the need of doing it via the software. f.e. EaseUS got this feature since 5.8 ...

think, that are all my wishes for now ;)



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    Hi ElMuchacho,

    Thank you very much for your precious suggestions, we are greatly appreciated. I have collected them and will forward them to our development team. Thank you again for your valuable suggestions. 

  • I agree that before/after jobs would be a huge improvement.

  • Hopefully this feature will be integrated soon ;)
    Currently we can only use the command line version due to our need to stop an MS-SQL manually before creating the backup ...

  • Another missing option:

    It is not possible to edit all options of a created task.

    The options under Advanced -> Properties are not fully availabe.

    f.e.: if i need to disable VSS of a created task, there's no option to do this.

    I need to re-create the task

    Please enable all functions of the create-task for an edit-task.

    This would also decrease the amount of options under "Advanced" because Edit, Schedule and Properties can be used in one.

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    1) 'Before and after tasks' - would allow for hibernate/sleep/shutdown, if backup run in the middle of the night

    2) 'Configure for Windows 7' in Windows Task Scheduler - would allow for 'wake machine' and 'run if missed' (plus all the other options) (Backupper rewrites the Window schedule every time it has run. That's just crazy. So this must not happen either, otherwise it will simply write over/cancel out any options that one has selected!).

    Get these two things in and Aomei is a killer........! currently it cannot be used as a 'set and forget' solution because of the above two limitations. .... Next release? Come on.. I know of at least one major competitor that does both of the above.....!

  • push up  ...

    Still some open feature request like tasks before/after creating the backup, the backup to FTP-location and the easier explore of backups via the explorer.

    Is the development paused? The last update was 3.2 in September 2015 ...

  • Thank all of you. We appreciate that.

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