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WinPE and Boot via USB 2

Is anyone still using an old motherboard with USB 2 and have you made a bootable USB via the Aomei WinPE?

Via Backupper Pro, I have just built the WinPE boot USB and my computer only has USB 2.  When booting via the USB 2, it is far too slow.  It takes over 10 minutes to load all the Aomei stuff and small Windows environment.  Does this sound right?  Have I built it correctly?


  • My experience is that an old BIOS is likely to boot at USB 1 speed (if it supports USB boot at all). I'm not sure, but is sometimes seems like using a USB 3 disk on a USB 2 system might also trigger USB 1 speed.  None of this is AOMEI's fault.  Booting from a CD might be faster.
  • That is interesting.  I am using a USB 3 Flash Drive plugged into the USB 2 port on the motherboard.  I looked at my board manual and it is definitely USB 2.

    I tested this on another machine which has a motherboard with USB 3 ports.  It took 46 seconds to boot the Aomie WinPE.  I then created a bootable DVD and tested this on the same (USB 3) motherboard. It took 2 minutes to boot the disc.  Both the USB drive and the DVD disc have the same number files and are just over 800 MB.

    Back to the old motherboard with USB 2.  Booting the DVD disc was going to take the same time as the USB port..  I gave up after 5 minutes when the horizontal white bar was only half way.

    I noticed in the boot USB and DVD, the sources folder has boot.wim at 786 MB.  The system32 folder in there has 90% of dot exe files I would never use.  Can I cut this down to make boot times faster? 
  • Update:  I have managed to use Create Bootable Media to work for building a CD.  I downloaded the Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK).  It worked fine and booted the CD in 4 minutes.  Far quicker than USB 2.  File size on the CD is only 200 MB
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