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Clone Disk

I have used Ghost and Clonezilla for imaging disks for my job for years.  I purchased Disk Backupper Pro from Aomi and cloned a few disks and it was really fast, but it will not boot.  Really?  WTH guys?  I am beginning to think that this was a mistake.  Now that I have wasted hours on this, I have to go back to clonezilla.  $50 and hours down the drain.  I am REALLY pissed.


  • I also had trouble getting a drive cloned with AOMEI to boot.
    If I recall I had to mess around using the command prompt to assign the correct "C" letter to the boot drive (AOMEI assigned a different letter to it).
    I now use Macrium Reflect, which has a free version which clones drives without a problem. The cloned drive immediately boots after connecting it to the motherboard in place of the drive from which it was cloned.

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