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Severeal Issues with OneKey Recovery Customization

Hi! Recently we bought a license for AOMEI OneKey Recovery Customization for a specific requierement of one of our clients. We need to do the following:
  • Prepare a machine with all the program and settings
  • Sysprep the machine
  • Create a backup with OKR
  • Capture an image of the whole disk, including the recovery
  • Deploy this image on several machines
We also need:
  • Hide the "press F11 key" message (but keep it functional)
  • Hide the boot menu option
  • Customize the interface of the recovery
So far, after a lot of trial and error we managed to fulfill most of the requeriments above, except:
  • Deploy the image on several machines: it seems like OKR attaches to the hardware or something. After we apply the image on another machine, the system doesn't boot into recovery. It also doesn't keep the "press F11" setting.
  • Hide the F11 display message (but keep it functional): only way to do this is to customize the text and write a blank space, so no text appear. However, after creating a backup in WinPE environment the message is restored. There's no way to customize the text again in WinPE, and the software was already removed before sysprep, since we don't want to leave the software installed on the machine, just the recovery.
Any help with the remaining requirements above would be much apreciated.


  • @Jsantosv, "After we apply the image on another machine, the system doesn't boot into recovery"---When you restore the system backup created by AOMEI OneKey Recovery to another machine, could you boot the restored system? Did you mean that you can't boot into the recovery environment of AOMEI OneKey Recovery?
    AOMEI OneKey Recovery only creates system backup, which backs up system partitions. It doesn't backup AOMEI recovery partition. And, F11 boot menu is written to the MBR of disk. So, when you restore to another machine, there is no F11 and AOMEI recovery partition.

    Sorry that we can't hide F11 display message but keep it functional.
    Could you tell us why you want to do the settings? Please detail describe your purpose and use environment.
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