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Windows Firewall and Aomei

I would just like to know why Aomei has put in the exceptions in the Windows Firewall?  What information does it need and collect?

What are the following doing exactly? 

Aomei ABCore
Aomei Backupper < listed twice

Also, what are the chances of someone spoofing as Aomie and getting into my network connection?


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  • @Bill_C, Our program doesn't collect your information. If you join in our user experience program, it will only collect operations information: how many did you start the program every day(usage frequency)? what features did you use? Are they successful or failed?
  • Thanks for the explanation.  Yes, I did click check the user experience when installing.  That is OK.  I'm just cautious with firewalls and have things like remote Assistance, Remote desktop off.
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