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Create Bootable Media disables Windows Recovery

Just created bootable media and it worked great. However, it disables the Windows Recovery option. How can I undo this? I sometimes do other things with Windows Recovery and would like to be able to access it. Does your 'Integrate to Recovery Env' do this? Thanks!


  • @Edh1953, " it disables the Windows Recovery option."---Could you take a screenshot so that we check?
  • Thanks for the quick reply. Well, you can't take a screen shot of nothing. When I go to settings and select 'Recovery' nothing happens. It was working fine before. Took me to the blue screen and everything. I'm not 100% sure, but it seemed to happen right after I created bootable media on PartAssist. Does AOMEI routinely replace winre.wim?
  • Here's a BCDEDIT clip. Does this help?

  • @Edh1953, Did you only use AOMEI Partition Assistant to create WinPE bootable media? If yes, the feature doesn't replace or damage winre.wim.
    Please check if you perform other operations with other software.
  • Thanks! That clears me to find other reasons for my WinRE to be messed up. I'll just rebuild the winre.wim and get it working again. Just needed to know if it's something AOMEI does.
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