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Old Win10 password not accepted any more: Backupper System Restore does not help

I created (from USB flash drive) a System Restore with Aomei Backupper v4.9.2
Then I changed some hardware components on my Windows 10 system.
Unfortunately after boot the entered password for my Account on the Win10 Login screen is not accepted any more.
Its no CPS LOCK error. I am absolutely sure its the correct password.
The password is incorrect: Try again
So I undo my hardware changes to the old configuration.
But old password is still not accepted.
So as a last resort I booted Aomei Backupper from USB flash drive and did a Recovery from the previous System Backup (=Partition C: with the Win 10 OS and the EFI Partititon).
But event this didn't help.
Old password is still rejected.
What can I do?
Why is the Aomei BACKUPPER Restore of full WINDOWS 10 PLUS EFI partition not successful?


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