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Let users enable "verify" options BEFORE backup process start?! Aomei Backupper

As far as I can see users can specify that the created backup archive should be verified ONLY AFTER start of backup process (in Aomei Backupper)

Can this option be moved (in next release) into the backup options accessible BEFORE the start of run.
E.g. as an additional checkbox below compression level


  • @Pstein, You can click three-line button on the top, then click "Settings"-->"Advanced", then check "Automatically check the backup on completion".
  • edited August 2022
    This is wrong!.
    In Settings--->Advanced there is no Checkbox "Automatically check the backup on completion". BEFORE Backup process start
     The checkbox you mentioned is ONLY available AFTER backup process started.
    And its only available through the "Options" wheel on the lower left side

  • @Pstein, You need to click the three-line button on the top of the software, not on task.
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