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Disappointing: Aomei Backupper slow and creates bigger archives?

Normally I perform a full backup with Aomei Backupper v4.9.2.from USB flash driver of the C partition (100GB) with Win10 system..
It creates (started from USB flash drive) in 33 minutes an archive of 12972 MB (Compression  High, Intelligent sector backup + VSS).

Now I had the change to try out Acronis TrueImage v2021

...and it creates for the same partition on the same computer in 3 minutes (!!!!!) an archive of 11213 MB

Thats surprising. Why is TrueImage so much faster?
Why does TrueImage create smaller archives?

Actually I want to stick with Aomei Backupper.
But this tool need some improvements..


  • @Pstein, Did you use partition backup way to back up C: drive? 
    " I perform a full backup with Aomei Backupper v4.9.2.from USB flash driver" ----Did you mean that you use WinPE bootable USB to boot the computer and run backup?
    Did you also use Acronis TrueImage on USB to create backup?

  • Yes, I use both Aomei Backupper AND TrueImage from USB Flash Drive.
    Bother USB flash drives are from same model type and on same USB port on mainboard
    I created Aomei USB flash drive from Aomei Backupper Installation from hard disk
  • @Pstein, Thanks for your feedback. We have submitted it to our dev team to check and optimize.
    In addition, could you try to run the program under Windows to do backup?
  • @Pstein, In addition, please note that you use "Compression  High', so it will take a long time to back up. Did you also use "Compression  High" under TrueImage?
    And, did you use system backup way? or partition backup way?
  • edited June 17
    Yes, I use maximum compression in both tools
    I perform (with both tools) a System Backup of the same WinOS  partition C: (on SSD) from USB flash drive
    So the result are comparable.
    Some ideas:
    - Does Aomei Backupper use all/multiple CPU cores for compression (here 6 cores with 2 Threads each are available)?
    - Are temporary archive file chunks written to memory first and then (concatenated) to target partition D:?
    That would improve speed.
    - Are you using 7zip algorithm for compression?

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