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Winload.efi is missing after System Restore

I performed a system restore to my notebook. The latest one I used 1 month ago was successful, but earlier system restore way back to 2 years ago was not able to boot. There was an error screen with this description : 
"Your PC / Device needs to be repaired"
File: \\Windows\system32\winload.efi
Error : 0xc0000225

A quick rundown in the forum said this is possibly because the system image I used was cut and pasted to a different disk, which somehow will make it unbootable. My question then is WHY? This is surely a technical drawback that made me dissapointed! How could one know not to move system image containing full system backup around? 

That was my complaint. And I would appreciate if there's a specific steps I need to take. The internet is wonderful piece of knowledge repository yea but I'm currently exhausted and not in the mood of experimenting which solution to use. 


  • Update : So the restore process created a new  boot option with the same name as old one instead of replacing it. The old one was selected by default. After selecting the new one and deleting the old entry (scary 50-50 chance) Windows boot again with all files left as is
  • @Woowooindo, your disks is GPT? You keep the old disk is connected when you try to boot from the new disk?
    "created a new  boot option"-----Did you mean that there are two " Windows Boot Manager"? Could you take a screenshot to us?
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