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Urgent: Inaccessible Boot Device Error


I had 6.6.1 installed on my laptop with Windows 10 without issue. I also had set up Aomei as a boot option. Yesterday, I installed the GOTD offer of 6.9.0. The installation dialogue was murky and it was difficult to understand whether to completely uninstall the old version first or not. I selected the option to do so, nervously. 

Later, upon plugging in my external hard drive, I noticed Windows didn't see my external HDD partitions, drives E and G. However, the eject function did see there was something plugged in and allowed me to properly eject it. I'm not sure if this is related to my current problem, but it was a brand new issue that happened after I installed 6.9.0.

The main issue now is that I entered a BSOD loop when attempting to reboot. Windows "ran into problems". There was a one time error that I believe was a "boot loader" message. After that, it attempted a repair which never worked. I ended with a “Inaccessible Boot Device Error” message. 

I started following a repair recommendation I read but quickly halted when at the command prompt I saw drive X instead of C. I was able to cd to C but decided not to do anything further without support. I am not technical and may even be using wrong terminology here.

Important to know: As mentioned earlier, I had set Aomei Backup per as a boot option and fear this may be the culprit. When these current issues started, I was offered to select which to boot to. I thought nothing of it not thinking anything was unusual. Same screen and options as usual. I selected Windows as normal. That was the only time I saw this option since this all started. (I hope I worded this in an understandable way.)

Laptop is turned off currently as I'm unsure what to do. 


  • Please install version 6.9.1 to see if the problem still exists.
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