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Keep getting a bad health report after installing new ssd.

Was receiving the following health message on my main bootable ssd. "Health Status Bad. Detected one attribute of the disk is equal to or exceed threshold.  It may slow down the access speed, damage disk or cause data loss. It is recommended to replace the disk asap. The bad attribute is F4 Vendor specific attribute. charts shows current as 0 and worst as 100. Raw value are all zeros and status as bad. 

Even the drive manufacture's dashboard for the ssd said it was bac and could not even find the drive.  So, I replaced the ssd with a brand new one(SanDisk  Ultra 500 GB. I cloned the new drive from the bad drive.

Installed the new drive, no problems. The dashboard shows it as no problems with 100% live remaining.

However, when I run Aomei PA Pro on the drive the health status has not changed.  Says the exact same thing as it did with the previous bad drive.

What gives?


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