Editing XML Files

I've created a number of backups which I can export/import as an xml file which is useful in a dual boot environment.

I would like to change the HD to which these backup are saved without having to redo both the backup routine & redo all the backups.

I've identified the location of the HD in the xlm file opened in wordpad, but when saved it must change it's format as the xml file is no recognised.

Any ideas on how to achive this.


  • WightWalker,

    While editing XML by hand isn't really recommended, if you use a text editor such as Notepad, Notepad++, etc. rather than Wordpad, you should be OK.  Remember, though, to edit ONLY the path.  If possible, use the same exact folder structure on the new drive so you only need to change the drive letter.

  • Previously tried using Notepad & Wordpad without success.

    Installed Notepad++ and modified just the path="E:\AOMEI\‘\" to path="U:\AOMEI\‘\" without success - invalid configuration file.

    Created the AOMEI path on the U Drive just in case it was looking for it - still no success.

    Interestingly, if I change the path="U:\AOMEI\‘\" back to path="E:\AOMEI\‘\" & save it with notepad++, it accepts this without error.

    So it can't be the way that notepad++ saves it, but I'm kind of stumpted as to why just changing the path & resaving the file doesn't work.

    The only way that I can currently change drives is to EDIT the backup from Home/Advanced/Edit & change the path BUT this then proceeds to copy the whole series of backups to the new drive which kind of defects what I'm trying to achive.

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    Interestingly, if I create further backups to a different directory, whilst the size of the xml file increases, there is no reference to the identity of the second drive.

    That being the case, then it appears that the xml file cannot be edited to define a different drive with notepad++; unless, of course, there's a specific application to do just that.

  • WightWalker,

    Just to be sure, what is the full path to the file you're modifying including the file name?

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    I'm backing up the following partitions to E:\AOMEI\ (local HD) & T:\AOMEI (external USB HD) as 7 seperate routines for each HD:








    NB: xlm file attached

  • The file attachment seems to have failed.  I don't see a link to it.  That being said, I went back to the original comment you made.  Something that I had overlooked before caught my attention.  You're exporting the XML rather than using the saved configuration that Aomei Backupper is running from.  The primary XML file is clean and human readable.  The exported XML file appears to have many escape character sequences.  Clearly they're not the same format.  The exported file I don't believe can be edited.  If anyone else has experience with this and knows of a way around this, please comment.

    That being said, I can think of three alternatives. 

    1.  Save a copy of the default configuration as it is normally, then edit the configuration XML with the paths you want.  Export that one then set your configuration back.

    2.  On the other system, set the drive letter of the external drive to be the same as the letter it uses on the first PC.  Then the imported configuration ought to work.

    3.  Once you've imported the configuration on the second machine (original export with no modifications), select Advanced on the home screen for any backups you want.  Then choose Locate Image to find the new path on the other system.

  • Where can I find the primary XML file?

  • c:\programdata\aomeibr.  The file name will be version dependent, but it will be tasksx.x.x.xml.  (Windows 7 for sure).  I don't have an XP installation, but it is most likely under c:\documents and settings\user\local settings\application data\aomeibr or perhaps without the local settings folder in between.  Note, I am guessing for XP since I don't have an XP system to install to.

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