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slow WinPE

I made a WinPE USB stick with Backupper Pro's "Create Bootable Media".  Downloading the "WinPE creating environment" took extremely long and ran into internet troubles. The resulting USB stick works, but unusually slowly.  For example, it takes much longer to boot up than my old WinPE USB stick (of the same type) made with Backupper Standard.  I suspect the WinPE system is flawed and I would like to try the process again.  I reinstalled Backupper Pro hoping this would clean out whatever it downloaded.  However it seems to have put that download somewhere that is not in C:\Program Files (x86)\AOMEI\AOMEI Backupper, and does not get cleaned out.  When I now try "Create Bootable Media -- Windows PE" the option to download is nullified.  So where was the "WinPE creating environment" put?  What did Backupper call it?  I wish to discard it and have a fresh start with this.


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