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'Backup with Scheme' Does a full?

I have a daily incremental backup scheduled for a partition.  Some times it fails, like the target drive isn't there at the scheduled time. When I an hour later try to manually kick it off by 'Backup with Scheme', it wants to do a full rather than the next incremental.  How can I just re-do whatever was supposed to happen that day?


  • @JeeperDon, When you enable the backup scheme, it will perform backup based on the scheme rule, whether it is schedule backup or manually run.
    What backup scheme did you set?
  • edited September 2021
    The scheme and schedule are attached. It's incremental with a 2 week loop.  A 'full' followed by 13 incremental runs.  At the time of the missed job on Sept 29, there were only two small incremental files past the last full.  When I kicked it off manually an hour later on the 29th, it got to up to 6GB and was at a low percentage done.  I canceled the job and waited for today the 30th.  Today the 30th, after skipping yesterday due to failure, it is doing a new Full at the scheduled time.

    It's looking that each failure in the scheme results in a fresh start of a new loop through the scheme.  Is that true?  I don't understand why it can't just pickup on the current point in the original scheme loop.

  • @JeeperDon, We don't see the backup created on 30th. Could you re-send the screenshot of the backup list?
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