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Basic Sync is deleting files in destination location

I am using Basic Sync but have been running into a problem. I use it to essentially copy all my Outlook .ost and related files to an external drive. The sync works well and I have created a weekly schedule.

However, if I forget to close Outlook before the scheduled sync job, the sync fails, I understand that - the file is in use and I get an error message and the sync is skipped. 

However, in that case, why is the DESTINATION file from the PREVIOUS successful sync deleted? I thought that the destination files were never deleted in a basic sync unless that option was checked off.  It does me no good to lose the previous backup/sync files just because the current one fails. What am I missing? 


  • @Genejockey, "the file is in use and I get an error message and the sync is skipped. "---Did you get the popup windows that show some files are in use and then skip them? Did you mean that these files in use are deleted from the destination when the sync ends?
    Could you offer us the log folder under the installation directory of AOMEI Backupper so that we check?
  • I am not at that computer right now so can't send the log file until later. But yes, that is exactly what happens.

    On the first sync, the *.ost file that I am syncing/copying/backing up goes to the destination drive correctly. If I schedule the sync so it can run unattended, the next sync will overwrite old .ost file in the destination directory with the current one, exactly as I intend and expect. 

    But if I forget to close Outlook and the scheduled sync attempts to run, the last synced file in the destination directory is deleted, so now I do not even have the previous successful sync.

    If I try to do this in real time so I can follow what is happening, when the sync tries to run with Outlook open, and the .ost file is in use, then a pop-up occurs to say file is in use, and it gives a countdown of 180 seconds before it skips it by default. When the aborted sync is "complete", the previously synced file in the destination folder has now been deleted.

    I assume this is because the destination file is being overwritten by nothing as opposed to being deleted per se? If so, that seems a very illogical design.      
  • @Genejockey, We have tested the situation. There indeed is the problem. We have submitted it to our dev team to optimize. Please temporarily close Outlook before running sync.
  • @admin

    Many thanks. I actually have disabled the scheduled sync and will do the sync manually for now so I am sure that all requisite files are closed. But it is too bad. This spoils an otherwise EXCELLENT feature.
  • @Genejockey, We will optimize the problem asap.
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