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Hello admin i want to suggest to you that how to make backup windows xp and restore it winpe i make backup win xp and i tried many times the backup made succesfully and restore too but when its restart error coming NDLTR


  • windows 7,8,10 bakup create and restore succesfully but why having problem win xp?
  • @Owaisahmed, Did you mean that you can't boot the restored XP system? Could you take a photo of the boot error?
    In addition, what backup did you perform? System backup? disk backup? And, did you perform the restore to the original disk of same computer via WinPE bootable media?
  • NTLDR is missing

    Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

    Is that the error?  I am experimenting in XP and I got that error a month ago after a restore.  My mistake was, I did a disk backup and partition backup and then mistakenly restored to a different drive letter or partition drive letter.  The restore must be back to the same drive letter that the backup was from.  The same with a System Backup.

    Normally, the drive letter is C: for the operation system.  But I have XP on other drive letters and partitions.

    When I found the correct drive letter for a restore, XP would boot OK.  But sometimes I also had to fix the master boot record with bootsect:

    bootsect /nt52 <driveletter> /mbr

    Use Aomei Tools in Windows 7, 8 or 10 to create bootable media to USB boot device.  With the XP disk in, boot the USB in BIOS via the F12 key.  bootsect.exe is in Tools, Windows Shell.  In the system32 folder.
  • I forgot to say make sure the files ntldr, ntdetect.com and boot.ini are in there.  They are hidden.
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