Updating Backupper Pro

I'm running Backupper Pro 2.0 on my tower. When I did an internal "check update" it reported there were none available, but then I went to backup-utility.com and found there is a minor update - 2.03.

My question is how I go about updating and keeping my registration, because I can't find the key and it's not available in the program itself, as far as I've seen.

Great prog!




  • Paul,

    Instructions for license code retrieval are here.

  • Thanks, Daryl. I think I see my problem. I obtained Pro during a promotion, and never did get a code, as I recall.

  • Thanks, ganon. Unfortunately, the deal was that if the prog was activated by a certain date it would be free. No code was ever involved, as I recall.

    BTW, not receiving email notifications from this forum.

  • Paul,

    Click on the link above for your user name.

    Choose My Preferences.

    Select the email notifications you'd like to receive.

    Also, be sure your email address is correct in the My Account section. 

    Another point is to check your junk email folder and be sure your system isn't filtering out emails from Aomei.

  • Thanks, but it's already correct.

  • This will need to be reported to the Admin account. 

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