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Restore left over!

Just succesfully restored my C drive from a USB harddrive (F).
When going to Windows 10 file explorer it still shows Drive F listed (including the used and empty space) with the usual C and D drives.....however the folder is empty.     
How can I remove it Please?


  • Image of desktop with F Drive still listed!

  • @EJB986, Sorry that we don't quite understand your question. 
    Have you removed the USB harddrive (F)? The F: drive is another partition?
    What restore did you perform? System restore?
    And, please take a screenshot of Windows Disk Management to us. You can press Win+R, then run "diskmgmt.msc" to open windows disk management.
  • The F drive has been removed. It is an independant HD in a USB caddy.
    I performed a Disk Restore.
    My back up regime is that I do Disk backups on each of the two internal PC harddrives....C (Programmes) and D (Storage)
    I was restoring C.
    Thank you so far.

  • @EJB986, Did you perform disk restore? The F: drive should be the hidden partition on the original disk. When you do the restore, it is assigned a drive letter. You can remove the drive letter, then it will not list under Explorer. Or, you can directly delete it, and then merge the unallocated space to C: drive.
  • I did perform a disk restore as stated.
    Removed the drive letter so all is well and clear.
    Have never needed to restore for many years so was a little confused as to the appearence of 'F' after the restore!
    Thank You.

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