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Do incremental system backups delete old files/programs removed from the system?

I have read that incremental backups act only on new modified / created files, so if I make an incremental backup of the system, only the new files will be copied, or the removed ones will also be deleted, i.e.  for example if in the full backup I had Photoshop installed, and before the next incremental backup, if I had uninstalled it, at the time of the system restore, would Photoshop program files still be present in the installation path?


  • @Peaceone, An Incremental backup takes a snapshot only of the changed and newly added files based on the previous related backup, either a full or incremental backup depending on what was last done. Data that have not changed will not be backed up.
    Thus, the time and image storage space required for incremental backups are both less than a full backup. A Full Backup must exist as the start point of a series of incremental backups. A typical set would be in time sequence. All the image files in an incremental backup series share a sequential relationship. If any one of the incremental image files in the sequence is damaged or missing, then subsequent image files will be invalid.
    When you select an incremental backup to restore, it will restore all data to the status when you create the incremental backup.
    So, if in the full backup you had Photoshop installed, and before the next incremental backup, if you had uninstalled it, when you restore the incremental backup, the restored system would not include Photoshop program files.

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