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Backupper: System backup does not select windows recovery partition

Hi all,

I have a strange issue on 2 of my 4 machines.

When I select system backup on 2 of the 4 machines, only the hidden system partition and the windows main partition are selected. The also existing recovery partition on the same SSD is not included.

On two of my machines, the recovery partitions are also properly selected when I setup a system backup.

The SSD layouts are always the same: First partition is the hidden system partition, followed by the big windows main partition and then followed by the recovery partition (which is also working fine, it is used by the system when I boot into RE, I tested this)

The only difference is:
- the two machines were the recovery partitions get properly selected are using UEFI
- the two machines where the recovery partitions get missed are using "old" MBR boot method

Is this explainable by the different boot methods?
Or is something else odd in my specific case?

Many thanks


  • @Andip, There indeed is the problem. For MBR disk, system backup can't include the recovery partition. We will optimize the feature after. 
    If you want to back up the recovery partition, maybe you can do the disk backup, which back up all partitions on the disk.
    In addition, for recovery partition backup, please try to use the sector-by-sector backup way.
  • @admin

    First of all, thanks for your fast reply.

    This leads me to two follow-up questions, to make me understand better:

    The recovery partition is a normal NTFS partition, containing just the Windows RE for the recovery mode. I even can easily map it with diskpart to a drive letter. So what is the reason, I should back it up with sector-by-sector mode in this case?

    Also, you state for MBR disk it "cannot" include the recovery partition. Is there any specific reason why it cannot be included? Basically the partition is the same regarless whether MBR or GPT is used? In the end it is a partition marked with type "Recovery partition" and in NTFS format. I would be happy to understand why there is an issue when I am using MBR.

    Thanks a lot

  • @Andip, Generally, our program will back up the recovery partition as a common data partition. The restored recovery partition might be unable to use. So, please use sector-by-sector mode.
    For MBR disk, our program doesn't add the feature to list recovery partition when doing the system backup. We will optimize it after.
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