add "PAUSE" options when running a backup

When I am doing a large backup, it can run couple of hours - I might want to stop disk activity for some time, for example when I have/want other app access the drive etc.

It feels like a no-brainer, or am I wrong?

I doesn't need to be too obvious, can be "hidden" from a general user. But would be handy for me..



  • Hi radabl,

    Thank you for your valuble suggestion,I have reported it to our development team and we will add this feature in future versions. 

  • Almost 2 years later and still no pause button... Your development cycle leaves something to be desired. I shelled out $50 for pro and I can't even pause a backup operation? There is freeware out there with better features... I'm likely going to end up returning this software for something as silly as a lack of pause option.

  • Sorry, consider the backup process, and for the data backup intergrity,we do not add the pause feature now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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