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AOMEI Backupper Backup speed for File backup

Aoemei backupper's main weakness in the pass have been super slow file backup. It takes longer to backup files than an image backup. especially if you check the check backup integrity on completion.. I notice that in the change log that in version 5, the file backup speed has improved. I was wondering. How much faster it is over version 4?


  • @Paulsiu, How much data did you back up? How long did it take? And, where did you back up from and to?
    " especially if you check the check backup integrity on completion"----How long did it take actually?
  • So a file backup of a single user directory on a SSD to a usb 3 portable drive ends up with a 197 Gb file that takes about 3.5 hours. Imaging with verification of the entire 1 TB drive is faster than file backup of 200 Gb. If I enable verification on the file backup, it then takes 3x the time.  I had originally setup Backupper to do a full file backup weekly to a network drive and then differential daily. The backup was so slow that this was not feasible.

    Is the new version faster? How much of a speed improvement from version 4 to 6?

  • As an experiment, I attempt to backup 22Gb of file data. It took about 16 minutes on Backupper 4 and 8 minutes on Backupper 6. Keep in mind that this is not a true test because I am doing this on different machine, but both are going to the same USB drive so the bottleneck is likely to be there.

    I will try upgrading the software then. For backup software, I have a tendency not to upgrade unless there is a need. I have had some unpleasant experience when I upgraded to the latest and end up being burn by a bug.


  • @Paulsiu, Please upgrade to the latest version to do the same backup again. If you still get the same problem (it takes a long time to check image), please contact us again.
  • I upgraded to the latest version from 4.06 to the latest, but the resulting file backup was even a little slower than before, now a backup took 2 hour and 45 minutes now takes 3 hours. I think file backup is one of AOMEI's weakness. The image seems to be quite fast, but the file backup is not.
  • @Paulsiu, How much data did you back up? Where did you back up from and to?
  • 198 Gb of data from a internal SSD to a USB 3 USB drive. Write speed was about 24 Mb/s to 30 Mb/s which seems normal. I notice that it seems to take a really long time to scan the drive for files like 30 minutes or so.
  • @Paulsiu, File Backup needs to scan all files and create snapshots for them. When there are lots of files, it will take a long time to scan. 
  • Yes, I am aware of this. This is a problem if you go and do a file backup of something like c:\users\<person>. A lot of issues seems to come from c:\users\<person>\appdata. Ideally, you should back up this directory since it may contain important app settings, but adding it means backupper will have to scan through a lot of files, and often it cannot scan the file because the file name is too long. This is why for example, a file backup may take longer than a image backup, it has to scan through hundreds and thousands of files.

    One solution would be to exclude Appdata. The problem is that some apps install data into appdata that you want to keep. For example, Plex installs your movie into into the appdata local directory. Not backing it up means you lost the media configuration after a crash, so file backup requires quite a bit of tweaking.
  • @Paulsiu, If you need to back up c:\users\ directory, we suggest that you do system backup to back up the whole C: drive. So, it doesn't need to scan files. And, there is no permission or long-path problem.
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