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Creating USB AOMEI Boot media that can boot without legacy mode

I am trying to create a USB boot recovery disk for AOMEI that is compatible with my laptop that has secure boot. So far, the only way I can boot from the WINPE media created by AOEMI backupper is to enable the legacy bios mode. Isn't there a way to create a UEFI usb boot drive. The drive appears to be in MBR format. Isn't there a way to create a GPT media?


  • So none of the boot disk build from AOMEI partition Manager and Backupper will boot on my laptop without turning on legacy boot mode. After some poking around, it appears that I have to download AOMEI WINPE build instead at:

    The resulting USB key created will have a MBR partition, but can be booted from both legacy and UEFI boot. The key will have the backupper and partition assistant tool.

  • @Paulsiu, Did you also try AOMEI Partition Assistant to create WinPE bootable USB? also can't boot under UEFI mode? What boot error did you get?
  • yes, the partition manager usb had the same issue. When I boot up the computer, the drive did not show up as a boot volume. The one generated by PE-builder appears to work though.
  • @Paulsiu, We will optimize the problem in the next version. Please temporarily use AOMEI PE Builder.
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