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Reformat SSD in laptop

Hello.  I have a problem I need advice on.  I have an 11th Gen processor laptop along with a Fircuda gaming dock that houses a M.2.  I was using the partition software to clone my laptop SSD to the Firecuda and something went wrong.  I now don’t have access to either drive.  I tried to reformat the laptop SSD with a fresh installation of Windows 10 but the installation media won’t pick up the drive,  not even to format.  The M.2 I also cannot format.  Is there a way to access the SSD in the laptop without removing it?  The laptop is under warranty but would take about 1 month to get back.  If I remove the SSD, the warranty would be void.  Do I have any options other than sending it in?  I think I was trying to be a little too ambitious with my skill set.

Also, I did run disk management from the command prompt before the reinstall and it’s not picking up there either.  I can always boot from a Thunderbolt 3 connection to get access to the laptop drive.  I just don’t know if the partition application can find it and repair.  Thanks!


  • @Joshbryant, Could you try to create WinPE bootable media of AOMEI Partition Assistant on another working computer? And then boot the laptop to check if it can see the SSD?
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