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Switch AOMEI Backupper from a PC to another ?

I'm currently using AOMEI backupper on my PC to backup projects.
How can i use my pro licence to use AOMIE BACKUPPER to restore those projets to another PC, please ?


  • @Pourfab, Generally, if you need to use AOMEI Backupper pro on the second PC, you need to purchase a license code again. Or, you can use the standard edition to restore.
  • Ok, i'll use the second option.
    However, what's happen if i choose to switch PC ? Should i purchase a license code again...???
  • @Pourfab, LICENSEE is not allowed to lease, sell, rent out or pass the Software to another person in any way. Such license is non-transferable and non-assignable, except in limited circumstances. The limited circumstances include where the original computer the Software license was deployed on: (i) becomes non-functioning; and (ii) falls into disuse. In such cases, the license is transferable to a replacement computer.
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