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Necessary right-click options are greyed out


Please see these screenshots:

New computer, out of the box and Windows installed a few hours ago.

Intended to divvy up the 1TB HD.

Computer manufacturer created that 13.4 gb partition

Intending to add it to C then split up C into windows, programs, media, etc as is preferred

If I understand correctly, the goal should be to move the unallocated partition to the right of C in order to 'extend' it.

However, these are the available options for both partitions...

...and it seems like the key options to do the job are greyed out.

If anyone can advise, it would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance...


  • @WestHub00, AOMEI Partition Assistant currently doesn't support resize Bitlocker encrypted partition. You might need to close Bitlocker of C: drive and then merge the unallocated space and C: drive.
    In addition, when you merge this unallocated space and C: drive, it will change the starting sector of C: drive, which might cause the boot error of system. So, we suggest that you first do a system backup.
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