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Aomei restore Speed very slow

my english is not the best - sorry for that first.

Iam in an restoring process - Server with Raid 1 on SSDs - Boot CD created and boot the Server. Restore an Full Image ober Ethernet - after 7 hours only 62% and Analyzing volume: 224526/360512

I thought it was a LAN problem, so i started the restoring process on a Computer to the same SSD over USB3. Also very Slow.
Write/Read test to SSD is perfectly.

Why is Aomei so slow? Do i miss any options?
Thank U so much!


  • @Kntrene, "i started the restoring process on a Computer to the same SSD over USB3."---Did you save the backup image to an external drive, and then restore it from the external drive to same SSD?
    And, did you perform file restore? or system/disk restore?
    How big speed did you get?
    Could you test the Write/Read when you copy a file from the backup drive to target disk?
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    We have the same issue - we switched weeks ago to AOMEI Technician Plus. So we're running several servers for development in Oracle Virtual Box. Last week we tried to restore the system drive (300GB) from a NAS. 
    5days later the process to restore drive c: hasn't even been started!!! It was on 33% on analyzing volume!
    I did several tries now (copying files locally, reducing days for backup scheme) and analyzing volume is still taking MUCH too long for a server restore!!!!!
    So , if you can't give me an advice how to switch that off, we will have to go back to our old tool this weekend!
    This RISK (having a backup, but needing MONTHS to restore a server) is MUCH to high for us!!!!
  • Update last try - copying files locally on a virtual drive will take about 10 to 12 hrs to analyze before starting the recovery process - not usable for us!!!
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    Just for information - today we switched back to our old tool completly. Keep us informed, as soon you optimized the speed for restore...
  • @Ostrobl, Sorry to reply to you late. Have you uninstalled AOMEI Backupper? If not, could you send us the log folder under installation directory of program so that we can check the problem further?
    We didn't reproduce the problem on our computer.
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