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Cannot access backupper when running

I have the following problem with Aomei Backupper (latest version and versions before):
I have programmed automatic backups. Such a backup is done in the background and may need quite some time. Sometimes I would like to verify the current status of the backup, or simply access the program for other reasons. However, while the program is doing its backup, when I try to start Aomei Backupper, I get the message "Aomei Backupper is already running" and I cannot do anything. As there is not icon in the taskbar, either, I see no way how to open the program - do I overlook something?


  • @Xwr111, When the schedule backup is running, could you open task manager to check if Backupper.exe is running under Details?
    And, are there multiple administrator accounts on your computer?

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