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Restore successfully, but my computer won't boot

I have a Lenovo IdeaPad s340 2tb SSD drive but when I restore my image to my hard drive successfully the computer now won't boot. Can someone please help?


  • @Rolly, Did you restore a system image? or disk backup image?
    Did you also back up the same SSD? Or back up another system disk, then restore to the computer?
    Could you delete all partitions on the disk, and then do the restore again?
  • I backup up my 2tb SSD as a adi file but a few months later when windows was scheduled for an update the computer would not boot up. I deleted all partitions and formated the drive. I then restored the adi image file from an external USB 5tb hard drive unfortunately, it still won't boot up.
  • @Rolly, Did you perform system backup or disk backup for the 2tb SSD?
    Did you restore it to a new 5tb hard drive?
    What boot error did you get? And, did you connect the cloned disk to the slot of original system disk to boot?
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